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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We are having a ???????


We went to the doctor this morning and he said it 100% a little girl! Phil and I are so excited! We tried to tell Carson about the news and he just wanted his Easter candy. I guess he will catch on soon enough. He said that she (so excited to now know and caller it a "she") looks great and weighs in at about 13 ounces. I have been feeling her move a little bit since Sunday. It is so wonderful to know that she is healthy! Please just continue to pray that she developes and grows perfectly. Thank you all for your votes! It looks like the majority were right! Let the planning and decorating begin!

These two outfits are her first gift from my sweet friend Amanda. How cute!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vote Today & Find Out Tomorrow!

Well, it is hard to believe that we find out what we are having tomorrow! Phil and I are so excited to know boy or girl! We don't care what we have as long as it is healthy. I have been so bad at blogging lately! I have been meaning to put up a poll for a while and then forgot about it. My friend reminded me today and so I have added a poll for people to vote on what you think we are having. I know there isn't much time since I will be posting tomorrow night about what it is. Anyway, hope you can give your vote! I promise to post what the doctor says tomorrow!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Blessing

Wednesday our church had the privilege to have a Awesome band perform a concert. The band is called the Annie Moses Band. They were such a blessing to everyone including Phil and I. I just thought I would share them with y'all. We have been listening to their songs everyday since then. You can go to their website and listen to their songs. We are hoping to take some friends and family to see them in concert again sometime soon. They are also on itunes. They are a family that play all different instruments and are all Julliard trained. Their songs are wonderful but listening to them over the Internet pales in comparison to seeing them in person. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 16 Update

Well, I am almost 17 weeks and can't believe how fast time is flying! The baby is about the size of your open hand. I haven't felt it move yet, but am looking forward to that in the next few weeks. We find out what we are having on the 25th and can't wait to find out! There is so much to do, but we are just waiting until we know what the Lord has blessed us with. I am so glad to be feeling better and to have most of my energy back. I know Phil and Carson are glad also! Here is a picture of my ever growing belly at 15 weeks. I am also growing in lots of other places as well. It should be interesting this summer having to get into a bathing suit. AHHHHHH!!!!! I was lucky with Carson and didn't have to, but there is no getting through this summer without it. Anyway, we will post when we find out what were are having. More than anything we just want a a healthy baby! Thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Morning Routine

Here is a cute video of Carson the other morning. When I was getting reaady I noticed he was getting out several of Phil's things and using them. I thought it was priceless and wanted to share it. I also got a kick out of the video because at the end I asked him who his buddy was, expecting him to say his daddy and he said "Carter". Carter is 3 and Carson thinks he is so cool! Enjoy! Oh, you will probably want to scroll down to the bottom of my blog and pause the music player first, so you can hear the video without the music also.