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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Our family has a tradition of "Christmas Eve P.J.'s". Everyone in my family opens up one present on Christmas Eve. The present always holds P.J.'s for us to wear that night. I thought it would be fun to post our Chrismtas Eve PJ pictures for the past three years. I love traditions.
When I was pregnant with Carson!
Last year when Carson was 6 months old!

This year! What a big boy!

Santa's Cookies! This is a picture of what Santa left on his plate. After this picture Carson ran up and ate the left over cookie. What a silly boy!

This is a picture of us at Phil's Bank for the Buffalo Gap parade. Carson loved Santa, but didn't want to get too close.

The whole gang Christmas morning. It took us 5 hours to open all the gifts!

Phil got this Texas Rangers hat in his stocking, but Carson had to wear it. Now he calls it his hat!

Santa brought Carson a bike! He loved it and wanted to sit on it all day. He hasn't quite figured it out yet, but I know it will be soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Carson's Christmas Present to Everyone

Here is a picture of what Carson gave everyone in our families for Christmas!

"mommy is pregnant!"

Yep, that's right! Carson is going to be a BIG brother! We go to the doctor on the 15th and will know a due date, but somewhere around August 14th! We are so excited! Please pray that this yucky morning sickness (which is really all day sickness) will go away soon and for a healthy baby! Carson really doesn't have a clue what is going on, but I know he is going to love being a Big Brother!