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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Callie's Room

Well, the process of getting Callie's room started many weeks ago, but I am happy to say it is complete!!!! Yea!!! I don't anything hung on the walls yet, but wanted to post pictures of this cute room (I am a little bias). I go to the doctor today, so I will post later about any plans for Miss Callie's arrival.

My boys at work. Carson was such a big helper with Callie's room and he is so proud of it now. He will tell you he painted it and hung the chandelier. He is really excited for her to be here.

The finished product!!!

Phil and Carson attempted putting her crib together one night. I think they had more fun with the packaging than anything. Boys will be boys! I say attempted because it was the wrong crib and we had to get another one. Thankfully, they had another one here in town and they came the next day and delivered it and put it together for us. What a blessing that it worked out!

Her Crib!
The next night Phil hung her adorable chandelier. I am so proud of this piece. I love it because it is so girly! Carson helped Phil the whole time and was so excited at the end when the lights came on! He was also excited to be at the top of the ladder. What a cutie!

Here are the pictures of her room with furniture, bedding and a few of the decorations. We love it and can't wait to bring Callie home to see her room!

Here is her cute diaper bag I got as a hostess gift! It is packed and ready!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Showered with Blesssings

This past weekend some of my sweet friends threw me a beautiful shower! It was so much fun! We got lots of cute stuff for sweet Miss Callie. Here are a few pictures from the shower. We are so thankful for such wonderful family and friends.

The Beautiful Table!

Is this not the cutest thing ever!!!!! My sweet friend Amanda made that for Callie. I can't wait to take her little picture in this outfit!

This was another cute gift from Amanda's sister! She painted this canvas for Callie's room. I can't wait to hang it on her wall. Thanks Shanda, it is beautiful!!!!

The hostesses and me. Candice, Holly, Me, Lindy, Mandi and Amanda. Thanks so much girls for a wonderful time!!!!!

Some of the wonderful cute things we got for Callie!

My mom, sisters and me!

To top off a perfect day, when I got home Carson had a present for Callie. It was this cute onesie and bow to match. I couldn't help but cry and cry (thanks to my hormones these days). What a sweet gift. I am sure Phil had a lot to do with it. He also got her a sweet lovey and matching blanket. I didn't have a picture of it though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

36 Weeks

That's right! I am 36 weeks! I can't believe how fast the last few months have gone. I went to the doctor today and got to see little Miss Callie. He said everything looks great! She was practicing her breathing movement and had a good strong heart beat. The specialist said he thinks she is about 6lb. 12oz. right now and 18 inches long. So, both doctors said they were planning on an 8 pound baby, which would be great with me. She is head down and getting ready for her big arrival. I wasn't dilated yet, which was good news for me, since her nursery isn't quite finished yet. Our goal is to have it done by this weekend, but we have said that many times already. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon. So, the count down is on to meeting Miss Callie! I guess we will see what next Tuesday holds at the doctors appt.

36 Week Belly

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Beach Finally!!!

Well, finally I am posting about our wonderful trip to the beach!!!! It has been a tradition of our family since I was Carson's age. We love South Padre! It was so wonderful to have the whole family together and to find out that Emily and Jacob will be adding to the family with their baby in January. It was a special vacation we will always remember!

We stayed in this awesome house this year that was right off the beach. So, after two long days of driving, we didn't even unpack the cars before we headed to the beach. Carson had been hearing about the beach for so long but had no idea what a treat he was in for. He had been to the beach before but he was only 2 months old. Here was Carson's first steps in the sand. He walked on his tip toes for a while till he go use to the feel of the sand between his toes.
Getting his toes wet!

Feeding the sea gulls! He couldn't wait to "feed the birds some bread".

My beautiful sisters and me.

The guys! Check out Carson's bandanna! He was so cute in it!

Each morning when Carson woke up Phil and I would take him out to the beach for an early morning walk. This was our first morning beach walk. This was my favorite part of our vacation. It was so peaceful and beautiful in the mornings! What a perfect family memory! I can't wait to take Callie on one of our morning beach walks.

Carson and his aunt Mal!!!! Sorry boys Carson says she is his girlfriend. :)

This is my favorite picture! Carson was going to get his daddy some water so they could make sand castles!
He loved the water!
Building sand castles with Daddy! Phil would work so hard on one and then all Carson wanted to do was knock it down or pour water on it. Such a 2 year old BOY!

Our family loves to ride the waves with boogie boards! Carson fit right in. He thought he was a boogie board pro.

Swimming always makes you hungry. Carson loved sitting in the little chair to eat.

Sorry my camera lens was fogging up, but I love this picture of him in his bandanna digging in the sand! He set there for almost an hour and played. Wish we could have that big of a "sand box" at home!

The house we stayed at had its own private pool in the backyard. This is where we spend the most of our time after the beach. This is where we realized Carson is a fish. He isn't afraid of anything. We couldn't take our eyes off him for a minute. He decided he could jump in on his own with out anyone helping him.

Here are some pictures of us out on the town. We love to go to our favorite restaurants! The food there is so wonderful!

These are from Louise Backyard. A must if you are ever in South Padre. They shout fireworks off every Friday night on the bay! It is beautiful!

Carson drinking his first pina colada (no alcoholic of course). He loved it.
Carson with his Nana and Coach.
Another place you have to try is Amberjacks! There food their is so wonderful. Everything is unique and plated beautifully!

Carson being silly with his Aunt Mal!

There were lots of games played that week! We love getting together and playing. Here is one intense game of Wahoo!

Thanks to Coach, Carson was a happy camper because he let Carson roll the dice.

While we were there it was sea turtle nesting season. In all our years of going we have only seen one sea turtle on the beach. Each morning we would look for them on our walk. We had never gone to the sea turtle rescue center on the island before. It is called Sea Turtle Inc. their website is It was so cool to see all the sea turtles they have rescued because they are injured.

This is a picture of Allison. She is a sea turtle they rescued when she was a baby. She was attached by a shark and is missing 3 of her limbs. She has been on some of the morning shows and you can watch her live on their website. She puts on a jacket that has limbs on it and she can swim with it on.