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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

28 Weeks Along

I thought I would give a quick update on Miss Callie. There isn't much to report. Things are going well, just crazy to think that I am almost 30 weeks along. She moves a lot especially at night! :) Carson has even gotten to feel her move, which he thinks is so "funny". Sleepless nights have arrived, but I feel pretty good through the day. We are excited summer is here and the pool has opened. We have already been twice! The water feels great to me! We will be there all summer. We hope to work on the room after our trip to the beach. So, hopefully I will have pictures posted soon! I also hope to post pictures of my little girl hobby soon. I have been making lots of bows and burp clothes for Callie. I think the "nesting" stage is here and since I can't work on her room yet, I have just picked up bow making! Phil just laughs everyday when he walks in and I have made more bows.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Carson is TWO!

It is so crazy to think that our little baby is now two! Today I woke him up singing happy birthday to him for the second time in his life. He was so cute, he started singing it with me and clapping his hands. He is so excited about his birthday this year! It has been so much fun to build it up and know he gets it. I think he might be a little sad when tomorrow we aren't' talking about his birthday anymore. Carson has brought so much joy to Phil and I over the past two years! Carson has also changed so much from a little baby to a big boy in the past two years. He can go down stairs all by himself, he can feed himself, he can tell me in words what it is he wants and doesn't want, he loves to play baseball and help daddy do anything outside (really inside too), he is potting in the big boy potty everyday, he knows some of his colors and can count to 5. I just can't believe all he has learned to do in just two years! Car-Car we love you and are so proud of the big boy you are becoming! Happy birthday! Love, Daddy & Mommy!

Carson two years ago the day he was born.

Carson on his first birthday!

Carson this year at his birthday party!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now

Carson is sporting a new hair cut! We have trimmed his hair lots of times, but this was the first time for him to really get a "Big Kid" hair cut. He looks like such a big boy now! I guess it is ok for him to look like a big boy since he is going to be 2 on Friday. Crazy huh?

This was Carson the day before his hair cut.

This is Carson right after his hair cut! He loved his new cut. She gave him a spike! So grown up!

What a handsome boy!