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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer - Coming to an end

Well, it always makes me a little sad when summer comes to an end. For us it ends the day the pool closes. So, this week we have been pool junkies before it closes on Monday. Carson had his first snowcone this week. Here are some pictures of him enjoying it and the pool!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carson's Favorite Things!

Carson is now 15 months old and has changed so much. He is saying words and running all over the place. His favorite things are:
water hoses, being outside, swimming, driving the car, playing with his Daddy, ice cream, running away from mommy, eating Coach's peaches off the tree, telephone, remote control, computers, playing with friends, and throwing rocks!
He is such a joy to us!
Here is a video of the joy Carson brings to us each day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

14 Months Old

Carson's first chicken leg!

Daddy helping him eat it.

All that chicken made him thirsty!

Carson and Brynlee

This is Carson's best bud, Brynlee. They love to get together and play! She calls Carson "Car-Car" It is so fun to see them playing together.

Happy Birthday Aunt Emily!!!

Aunt Emily and Uncle Jacob

Our Sweet Family

The Whole Gang

Carson loves playing with Aunt Mal!

This is Carson with his own computer. He loves to "bang" on the keys. He thinks he is big stuff. He is making his great uncle Keith "the computer guy" very proud.

Playing with daddy. It is Carson's favorite thing to do! He loves his Daddy!!!!

Carson still loves to take a bath. He loves any kind of water!

Texas Ranger Game

Coach got Carson his first game ball!

Carson is wearing his cool cousin's hat. Caleb is the cool cousin (really 2nd cousin) and is in the back of the picture.

Carson eating his "ice ceam" (how he says it). As you can probably tell by the red face, wet shirt and grumpy looks it was HOT and long for Carson.

Aunt Mal helped keep Carson happy. Thank goodness for aunts!


Carson's new favorite place in the house! Mommy and Daddy's pillows.

Fun at the Pool!

Happy Birthday Huntley

We went to celebrate Huntley's first birthday. Carson had so much fun swimming and playing with Huntley!

This is after the party. Carson put his party favors to use in the bath! What a cutie!

Carson is into everything these days! He keeps us very busy, but we wouldn't have it any another way!

13 Months old

Carson is a true boy! As you will see from the pictures we spend most of our time outside. As long as he has a waterhose he is happy!

My buddie Davis and me playing in the water!

Being silly!!!

12 Months Old

Carson's favorite things are remotes and phones. He loves to talk and push the buttons.

What a cute face!

Happy Father's Day!

Learning to brush our teeth! Fun times!

Summer means lots of swimming and sunning!!!

Swimming with my buddies Davis, London and Carter!

fun with Coach and Nanna at the pool