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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Fun!

Pumpkin Fun!

Carson has fallen in love with pumpkins! Everytime we see pumpkins he gets so excited and says pumpkin (of course it doesn't sound exactly like that). He is going to be so sad when all the pumpkins are gone for the season. We took him last week to the pumpkin patch. He got dressed up in his costume and we took some pictures. He was so facinated with all the pumpkins and wanted to pick all of them up. Here are some of our pumpkin patch pictures.

There was a tractor there and Carson LOVED sitting on it! He was calling it a "car". So cute!

Scarecrow meet scarecrow!

Finally, a pumpkin, Carson could pick up. He carried it around with him the whole time. We had to buy it and bring it home. Each day we go out and "play" with the pumpkin.

Bye-Bye pumpkins!

A look back! This is Carson's picture at the pumpkin patch last year! Wow, how much he has changed in just one year!

More Pumpkin Fun!

Painting Pumpkins

This weekend, Brynlee and Carson painted pumpkins. It was so much fun! They loved coloring the pumpkins and themselves. Here are some pictures of them painting and their beautiful pumpkins.

Here are their cute pumpkins! Brynlee's is on the left and Car-Car's is on the right!

We decided to dress them up in their costumes! They both laughed when they saw each other. They didn't know what to think! Carson keep touching her candy corn and laughing so hard. Brynlee was saying "funny". Such fun memories!

What a cute Candy Corn fairy!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who are you NOT voting for?????

We all know the election is at its highest peak! Which means that it is on every radio station, TV and in every conversation. This is a cute video of how it has effected our children. Carson's best bud, Brynlee, was over playing yesterday. She was running around the house saying something that sounded so funny. Amanda said "do you hear what she has started saying?". I couldn't understand her until she said it to me. She was running around saying " Barack Obama". So ironic since we are all McCain supporters. It's crazy what a 21 month old can pick up from talk about the election. We laughed so hard because the way she says it is hularious! You can even hear Carson in the background laughing. He thought she was so funny also! Hope you get a laugh out of this also!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Softball Mondays

Softball Mondays
Phil plays on one of our churches softball teams. So, every Monday night he has a game. We usually make the games unless they are the late game. Carson loves going to the games. Anything to do with a ball, bat and outside! Here are some pictures from one of the games.
Carson is watching Phil hit. He hit a home run! Go Phil!

Playing ball with his buddy Averi! She also loves the games!

Playing with his "Big Boy" friend Carter. Carson loves to play with Carter and watches everything he does. Carter, thanks for letting him play ball!

Priceless! Usually at least one of the kiddos falls or scrapes themselves at the game. This particular night it was muddy from rain. Carson's best friend, Brynlee, fell right into the mud. Bless her heart, but what a cutie!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Face

What a sweet face. Today I am so thankful for my little man. Phil and I are so in love with him. We thank the Lord for giving us such a sweet boy that brings us such joy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congrats Jacob & Emily!

Congrats Emily & Jacob!!!
My brother-in-law and sister have moved to Stamford! Jacob is the new pastor at First Baptist Church there! We are so happy for them. Monday they moved and we made a little trip to see their new home! Here are some pictures of their beautiful home. We love you both and wish you the best of luck in Stamford!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things!

Carson loves his blankets. He will pull them out of his crib and drag them around with him. He will also lay on the floor with them randomly. So sweet!

Carson's best friend is his Daddy. He wants to be just like him. Sunday afternoon Phil and I were in the bedroom when Carson walked in with Phil's sock and watch on. Priceless! He wouldn't let us take them off!

This time of the year gives me the fever to bake. The other night I was making a pumpkin cake and Phil wanted one of the beaters. Well, Carson thought he needed one also. So, I let him have one and we learned how to lick instead of bite. Since then when Carson sees the beaters he starts begging to lick it. I think we have created a monster. Here he is enjoying the pumpkin batter.

Here is a picture of my silly boys. They are so funny! Carson loves to play and be silly with his Daddy!

I bought Carson some blocks and dump truck at Dittos for Kiddos this year. He has loved playing (really throwing) them. He loves it when we sit and help him build something tall so he can nock it down. When I took this picture Carson turned to kiss the blocks. So cute. He loves to kiss things.

Boys and their Toys

Boys and their Toys

Carson likes to play with his toys, but loves to play with his "real" toys. Here are some pictures of him playing with his "real" toys. I often wonder if he really needs any toys. Just give him a broom, ball, phone, cart, etc. and he is extreamly happy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What does a ghost say?

What does a Ghost Say?

Phil got Carson this pumkin book this weekend. Carson loves his "pumpkin" book. He loves to say "pumpkin" and "ghost". When we read the book with him he will tell us that the ghost says boo. I thought it was so cute, so here is a video of him reading the book last night. As you can see we don't ever get through a book before his is off to something else. What can I say, he is 1 and a boy! So much fun! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog Header

Dear readers! You may have noticed my header has changed. I thought it would be fun to have one for fall. If you are looking to spice up your blog check out my site. I can create you a blog header to match your site or background. Click here for my site!

Girls Trip


This weekend we took a girls trip to Canton. Oh my goodness!!!! How fun. I had only been to Canton when I was little and remember hating it. Now, I love it. It is right up my ally. There are so many cute and creative things that you can't find just anywhere. My friend Amanda is a regular Canton shopper and is the one who planned it all. We both took our moms and her sister went also. So, if you haven't been to Canton it is a must on your list of things to do. I hope to go back soon, but will have to wait and save up some more money! Ha! Ha!!! Thanks Amanda, Carrie, Shanda and mom for a wonderful weekend away! Oh, I have no pictures to post. There is no time to stop and take pictures. Shopping is serious business! :)