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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun With My Girl

Callie and I love our little times together when Carson is at school. Today it was raining and I decided to just stay home, so what better to do than take pictures of Callie. These are a few that I took of her. What a sweet fun girl! Can't believe she is about to be 6 months old.

It was so much fun to take these pictures. I have been reading up and playing around with our new camera. I have a secret desire to be a photographer. Below is a picture I took of my new sweet niece Ellie. I got to go see her and spend sometime with her on Tuesday. She is so beautiful and precious!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This and That

Here are some "this and that" pictures. I have so many to post from the past few months of no blogging. So hopefully they will be up soon. Just a little catch up on us. Carson is growing up so fast and so hard to believe that he will soon be 3. He is such a sweet and energetic boy! Callie is 5 months old and changing everyday. She is the perfect baby and loves learning from her big brother. Carson in the past 3 months has had 2 ruptured ear drums and several double ear infections that wont go away. This is so new to us since he had only had one ear infection previously. So, on Thursday he had tubes put in his ears. The surgery went great! Hopefully this will make his little ears feel all better. The hard part is going to be keeping him from jumping in the pool and off the diving board this summer. Thursday was a BiG day for us. Besides his surgery, my sister had her baby. Baby Ellie was 6 lb. 11 oz. and is so beautiful. Below are some pictures of our new sweet niece, Ellie Nichole!!!! Well, that is what has been going on in our busy life. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our sweet babies!
Callie and Ellie with their Aunt Mal-ney (Malory). They are going to be great playmates.

Look at these cheeks!

Callie found her feet a few weeks ago and now LOvEs them! She always sucks on her right foot. If she has a sock on she will pull it off and suck on her toes. So cute!

Uh, Oh! You caught me mom!

Carson's favorite movie right now is Lion King. Every time he watches it he has to put on his knee pads so the wildebeests don't get him. So cute. He has such an imagination these days. Oh, and he also doesn't go anywhere without is trusty tape measure (on his underwear)! :)

My sweet boy! I just love those cheeks.

Carson and Callie took their first bath together last week. It is hard to say who enjoyed it more. Callie loves watching Carson and finds him so entertaining! Carson loves to play with Callie. He will just sit and laugh at her for no reason. It is so adorable watching them interact. I know it will only get more fun!

Sweet Baby Face!