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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome Baby Lawson

My sweet friend Amanda had her baby yesterday. Lawson wasn't suppose to make his arrival until his scheduled c-section on March 5th. She went into the doctor yesterday morning and he said you are having him today. I was so excited when I got the call. Yesterday was a special day already because it was Amanda's birthday. What a great birthday gift! Here are a few pictures I got to take through the window yesterday just 30 minutes after he was born. They are all doing great! Big Sister Brynlee was so excited! There will be more and better pictures to come soon!

Brian was showing Lawson to Brynlee for the first time! What a sweet memory!

I just love how they curl up all in a ball!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Many of you know Brynlee, Carson best friend. It is hard to believe that we celebrated her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago. Carson got to go to her Hello Kitty birthday party at the Gymnastics Sports Center. He had a blast! It is the perfect place for kiddos to run and play. He loved swinging into the pit most of all. Here are a few pictures of my little gymnast.

This was his favorite thing. I think he swung and played in the pit for 30 minutes.

Ready to jump in!

What a sweet face!

Carson and the Birthday Girl! Aren't they too cute!

Sweet Brynlee on the bars!

Not the best picture, but it was the only one I got of Carson and Maddy. Maddy is my best friend, Lindy's little girl. They were born just one month apart but shared the same due dates. Such a fun memory!

My sweet boy and me!

Had to include this picture and the story that surrounds it. The candles were being lit and I had purposefully placed Carson in the seat farthest from the cake. He is at that age where he thinks everything is for him, so I didn't want him messing with the cake. I snapped this picture right when they started sing Happy Birthday. The next think I knew Carson was climbing on the table, crawled over to the cake, and blew out Brynlee's birthday candles. I was so embarrassed. The whole thing happened so fast! So they re-lit the candles and sang again and I made sure Carson didn't blow them out. But the cute thing was that Brynlee didn't want to blow them out. So, I guess Carson and Brynlee had already talked about it and he was just taking good care of her! :) What a fun day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 Months Old

Oh sweet Callie! We can't believe that you are already half a year old. Seems like just yesterday we were anticipating your arrival and wondering if we could love another person as much as we love your sweet brother. Well, we quickly learned that our heart just doubled in size. We can't image our lives without you and have almost forgotten what our life was like before you arrived. You are the best baby! You have the sweetest little personality and are such a laid back baby. We have gotten a glimpse of your little personality over the last few months and have enjoyed learning all about you. Here are 6 of your favorite things that will summarize your past 6 months of life.

1- You LoVE to sleep on your back and pull the covers completely over your face to sleep! This scared your daddy and I, but we have been working on you napping on your belly, all though you prefer and back and blanket.

2- You also love your CAr-CaR!!! I think he provides you with endless entertainment and showers you with love and kisses each day. Your new favorite thing is playing with him. He will run around in front of you and you will give the best belly laugh each time. He also loves your new little game y'all play! Always remember how much he loves and adores you!

3- You are a great singer! Callie you will sing and talk yourself to sleep almost every time. One of the nursery workers told us you should join the choir because you sing so pretty. Your daddy and I will just lay and listen to you in the monitor at night when we put you to bed. I think it is your way of soothing yourself. We love it!

4- You also love your bath time. I must say we don't do this everyday, but when we do you just sit and are mesmerized by the whole thing. You haven't really gotten into the whole splashing thing yet, but I know you will soon love that too. Just recently you have enjoyed grabbing Carson's toys and chewing on them. Every time we go to get you out of the bath you throw the cutest little fit. We just laugh because it is one of the very few times you ever get upset. You also took your very first bath with Carson and love it. I know y'all will have many more fun bath adventures together in the future.

5- Chewing is another of your favorite activities. I can remember reading books to Carson and he would be fascinated with the pictures and colors. You on the other hand just want to get your hands on it and put them in your mouth. One of your favorite things to chew on is your Sophie, she is a teething giraffe. You will play with her forever! You also love the wipe container. I know there are some little teeth in there that want to come out. Hopefully you will get your first teeth soon and we can just read the books instead of chew on them. :) But for now we will just slobber on them! Love this picture below! It shows your drool off very well.

6- Well, I promise I am not writing this last one because it has to do with me. You love your mommy! This makes my heart swell because your brother loved me, but was in love with Daddy. And you, little miss, love your daddy but are in love with your mommy. I can be anywhere in the room and your little eyes will be watching me. When I walk into a room and you spot me you just smile the best smile ever. I have enjoyed having you be a Mommy's baby! I hope it stays that way, even though I hear those daddy's have a way of steeling their daughter's hearts. For now I will just bask in the joy of having a Mommy's girl!

Callie we love you and thank the Lord each day for sending you to us! We can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings! We look forward to a life time of having you as our daughter! Thank you for being such a wonderful gift to us!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Look Back

A look back at our sweet baby girl exactly 6 months ago! Callie you have filled our lives with such joy and our hearts with so much love. We love you and are so glad God gave you to us!

We had a sweet friend come over when Callie was just 6 days old and take pictures of us. Here are some that I have been meaning to post for a very long time. Can't believe she was ever this small.

She also got some great pictures of Big Brother Carson! He has also changed so much since these pictures were taken. I wish I could freeze time and have my children be babies forever. Don't get me wrong, I love every stage, but know they will be all grown up way TOO soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Two Valentines

Thank you Lord for our two special Valentines! May Your love always fall on us!

Here are so pictures of our two Valentines! What a special Valentine's Day! The love between Carson and Callie warms our hearts.

Carson LoVEs to kiSS his sister! He can't get enough of her. Here are a few pictures that are an example of his love.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Kiss

Yep, that's right! Callie has had her first kiss, and yes it was to her penguin buddy. She loves her penguin and especially loves to attach him with kisses. Too cute to pass up!

Sweet Faces

Here are some pictures of the sweet and cute faces I get to see and kiss everyday!

Here are a few of the many different faces Carson expresses on a daily basis. Love that boy!

Sweet baby girl! I kiss and squeeze these cheeks all day long!

Love this picture. I love those little strands of baby hair that hang down on her face.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not So Sure About This Mom!?!

Callie had her first taste of food a couple of weeks ago. We were all so excited (especially Carson) about feeding her her first cereal! But as you will see in the pictures, she wasn't so excited about it. Her face was priceless. I think we have a picky eater on our hands. Carson ate anything and everything you fed him. Callie is slow to take new foods. She has taken to rice cereal and most fruits now, but doesn't really like the veggies yet. We will continue to work on them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun in the snow!

No one could have been more excited to wake up and see snow than Carson! He absolutely loves the snow and was so excited to go out and play in it on Thursday. He loves to throw himself in the snow and roll all around. But his favorite part of all is eating the snow, which you will see in the pictures! We built a snowman and made snow ice cream (thanks to my ice cream making hubby!). It was so fun. So thankful for the snow this week and the sweet memories I will always have.

Eating the Snow for the first time. Don't worry, I he didn't eat any of the leaves or sticks (at least not that I know of).

My very own snowman! I was so proud of him. Carson kept wanting to take the stick arms off and play swords with them. Boys!

Sweet Snowman kisses.

Callie slept through our first snow adventure, so we had to get her picture before the sun went down. I don't think she even had a clue there was snow on the ground. Who wants to play with the snow when you have a tag on your blanket to play with?

Love these boys!

Such a sweet face!