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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Prayers of a Mother

As many of you know, we mothers spent lots of our time praying for our children. It is so wonderful that we have a God who cares about the big things in our lives and also the small things! I thought I would share two things that I have been praying for. I love being pregnant, but pregnancy doesn't love me (at least in the beginning). I am now 16 weeks and am happy to say that the Lord has answered my prayers for the morning sickness to go away. I am not 100 %, but way better than before. So, thank you Lord for being so faithful to see me through those 15 weeks of sickness! And thank you to all my family and friends that had to put up with me also. The second prayer I have said recently will seem silly to most, but is a big one in our house. Carson is now 21 months old and still takes his paci to sleep. Phil and I have been praying for the Lord to help Carson when the time came to take it away. Yesterday when I picked him up from mothers day out they said they had lost his paci and were trying to find it when they realized he had gone to sleep without it!!!!! Shocker! This has never happened before. So, I thought well we will just roll with this and not let him have it anymore. Praise the Lord Carson only cried for 10 or 15 minutes before going to sleep and didn't wake up all night! We are so excited and are so thankful the Lord has answered our prayers again! We are paci free!!!!!!! So, keep up all your wonderful prayers. We do serve a Lord who listens and answers prayers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our First Look

Here is our first look at our sweet baby #2. I haven't blogged in forever and hope to be better in the coming months. This precious baby has been keeping me busy with sickness. I am almost 13 weeks and hope things will be better soon! So, here are our first pictures of our little baby. It was so wonderful getting to see it and see the heart beating. I know this is my second time to do this, but it still amazes me how awesome God is. During the sonogram the baby was moving all over the place and making punching moves. This sonogram was taken almost 3 weeks ago. I go back in 1 1/2 weeks and hopefully will get to hear the heart beat then. My pregnancy tracker says the baby is the size of a plum right now. Crazy to think that at Christmas it was the size of a grain of rice and now a plum. They grow so fast at the beginning.

I am also putting a picture of my fastly growing belly. Crazy how it just seems to pop right out there with the second. I don't remember showing much with Carson till 5 months, but that definitely isn't the case this time. So, here I am at 12 weeks.