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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Baseball Boy

Softball Monday's have started up again! This is a picture of Carson, Monday night on the way to Phil's game. Do you think he is ready for some baseball action. I think this is what he was born to do!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Week 22 Update

Well, I am 22 weeks and feeling good! Most of you know, but for those that don't, our sweet baby girl's name is Callie Reagan! We have had that name long before we ever had children! We just hadn't decided on how we would spell it. Callie is moving around and Phil got to feel her for the first time this week! It was so exciting! She is the size of a spaghetti squash or 11 inches long. We are also busy getting everything ready for her to come. Well, we are actually still in the planning stage, but hope to move to the action stage soon! :) We continue to pray for a healthy girl and are so excited to meet her. I went out to my mom's house today and I thought I would have her take a picture of me. It is so hard to remember to take pictures. I wasn't planning on taking a picture because I wouldn't have worn horizontal stripes. Anyway, here is my growing baby bump. I finally feel like I look pregnant and not just chubby.

Let's Play Catch Up!

It has been so long since I have posted about our everyday life! So, I am going to play catch up and post lots of our favorites from the past couple of months. Carson is just growing like a weed. He is almost 2 and Phil and I can't believe what a big boy he is. He is talking up a storm and repeating everything we say! He has the most precious personality and has become Mr. Independent. He has been going to the potty randomly, but nothing promising. He brings so much joy to our lives and we can't imagine a day without him! He is going to be the best Big Brother! He loves to talk to Callie (yep that is her name) and kiss her. He will come up to me and say "Mommy, more Callie", which means pull up your shirt and let me talk to her. So precious! The pictures below will give you a look at some of his favorite things right now. Enjoy!

Riding Coaches four wheeler or tractor is the highlight of his life right now. As you can see from his big smile!

Carson had an Easter egg hunt at school this week. They had taped all the eggs shut, so when he got home he spent an hour working on getting all the eggs open! It was so precious! He loves those eggs! I am sure Easter Sunday will be fun around our house!

These next group of pictures are from an Easter egg hunt we had at our friends house! The kids had so much fun playing, decorating cookies (really eating them!) and hunting eggs.

Carson and his friend, Carter, were so precious. They were both wearing Brynlee's aprons while playing outside. Priceless! I am sure they were making their daddy's proud!

The whole group! Brynlee, Carson, Averi & Carter.

Carson's buddy, Davis, had his 4th Birthday party last weekend! Carson had fun playing at the park and got to take a swing at his first pinata! If you know Carson this was right up his alley! He loved it!

Precious! Carson doesn't watch TV much at all. He has never wanted to, but lately he will lay on my bed and watch 5 minutes of Handy Manny! What a cutie!

This magazine entertained them for like 15 minutes. Who would have guessed!

This is another one of his favorite things. Playing outside on his playground!

Carson loves the zoo! We try to go once a week or every other week. This day one of the monkeys, came to the window and entertained us!

This is my all time favorite picture of Carson! He go this for Christmas and loves playing "motor"!

Our morning routine. Feeding our dog Bailey. He is such a big helper!

Since he has been paci free, he usually will play or fusses longer before he goes to sleep. This day he had been fussing and this is how I found him when I went to check on him. Priceless! I laugh every time I see this picture. And yes, I did lay him down after taking the picture! :)

This is another visit we took to the zoo. As you can see there were lots of strollers and friends with us this day.

Feeding the ducks and fish. This is Carson's favorite thing to do at the zoo each time!

One day it got up to 90 degrees outside, so what better to do than play in the water! He had so much fun, but spent most of the time trying to drink or catch the water in his mouth! Silly boy!