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Friday, March 19, 2010

What is that on his head?

The other day, I walked in to check on Carson. He had been so quite so I thought he was asleep. When I peeked around the door, I saw him siting in his bed, with everything piled up underneath him, reading books and what looked like a helmet on his head. I walked in a little closer to see what helmet he had gotten out and much to my surprise he had put some underwear on his head. I then began to laugh out loud (and of course grab the camera). What a creative little boy! Oh, and by the way they weren't the underwear he was wearing.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look A-Likes!

Well, everyday I hear how much Callie looks like Carson. I always say "I don't see him in her", but today I was putting some pictures up on my desktop background. When the picture popped up later that day on my computer I was taken back at how much she looks like Carson. Infact I thought it was Carson. Thought I would share and see what you think.

P.S. pardon the buggies coming out of Callie's nose. We had a runny nose that day. Oh, and if you couldn't tell, Carson was the top picture and Callie has the tractor. Love those two babies!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bugs, Bows & Beaters

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. Time is flying by so fast these days. We are trying to enjoy every moment! We have had many days filled with bugs, beaters & bows.

Here is our little lady "BUG". She got this cute towel from Brynlee and she loves it! She gets so excited when she sees herself in the mirror.

As always there are lots of BOWS being worn in our house! I especially love this one! I bought this cute bow before Callie was born and so excited for her to wear it. Little did I remember how small their heads are when they are born. Don't get me wrong, I love big bows, but this one is huge. I finally put her in it the other day and had to take some pictures. She wears it well!

I have been baking a lot lately for different things, so Carson has benefited from all the baking. He loves licking every last batter off the BEATER! My friend, Lindsey posted her daughter enjoying a beater the other day. I agree with her the joy it brings a mom to see your children enjoy the simple things in life. Nothing is more exciting to him than licking a beater.