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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear mommy's friends

Dear Mommy's Friends,

This is Carson and Callie. We wanted you all to know that we have keep our mommy very busy the past few months. We will do our best to be good and give her time to update her blog. She has sooooo many really cute pictures of us to share. So, look for a post really soon!


Car-Car and Callie

P.S. We love each other so much!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not about the Kiddos

Well this post is officially the first post that isn't about my kiddos. Many of you know that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer right before Carson was born. He then went into remission, but the cancer came back right before Callie was born. He had another PET scan last week and Monday got the results back. He has 5 more new tumors. This is not what we were wanting to hear. They are planning on starting a new treatment in January along with a new research study. They will be taking a biopsy of one of the tumors and then creating a vaccine that they hope will keep his cancer from continuing to develop. The study doesn't even start till January. So please pray that the cancer will not grow anymore between now and January and that the two new treatments will kill the cancer and keep it out of his body. Thank you for keeping him and his upcoming treatment in your prayers. Love you all!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from our TWO to YOU!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teepee Village

Each year a college her in town has "Tepee Village". They have different groups that set up teepee's and you can go around and look at them. Carson loves to go! I am not sure if he is more into the teepee's or the big open area to run around. Here are some pics from our visit.

Carson sitting inside one of the tepee's.

Carson and his buddy "Brynlee". They loved going inside the tepee and popping back out!

I think Callie enjoyed her first trip to Tepee Village also. She spent her time napping.
We were so excited that my best friend Amy and her sweet daughter met us at Tepee Village. Brinley (yep, Carson has two buddies Brynlee & Brinley) looked so cute in her little feather head dress. She is such a happy baby!

Chief "Sitting Feather"!

Taking a break and enjoying a sucker.
Carson found this dirt pile and enjoyed it as much as the tepees. Got to love those boys!

Stopped on campus and snapped a cute "fall" picture.

Friday, October 16, 2009

First Pedi

Callie got her fist little pedicure today! I just couldn't resist painting her little toes. I must say that it was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. They are so small and she jerks her feet around all the time. They turned out so cute though! What girl fun. I see many more in our future together! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Big Scary....

Ghost! That is the phrase for today. Carson and Brynlee got together this morning and decorated pumpkins. Brynlee made a cat and Carson made a "Big Scary Ghost"!. They had a great time and they turned out so cute too! This is our new tradition with the two of them.

The finished product. They turned out so cute. He decorated it without may directing him, which always turns out so cute!!! Oh, and yes those are big boy underwear Carson is in. He has been in them since Saturday. We are so proud of him. We have only had a few accidents and are still working on the poopy thing. Way to go Carson!

That is one cool cat and one scary ghost!
Callie had to get in on a little of the action! What cute kiddos!
This is a picture of them last year decorating their pumpkins. They have grown up so much in this past year! What cute little pumpkins!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good morning to you!

We have been hanging around the house more lately due to the flu that has been going around. So, we have been enjoying our mornings at home. Thought I would share a few of our "good morning to you" pictures. I love these two kiddos so much! They are so much fun together!

Carson loves to sing to Callie. He was singing a new song he just learned about the months to her. So cute! I hope she likes him half as much as he likes her!

This is how you will find us first thing in the mornings. Callie usually has just finished eating and Carson is watching Handy Manny while taking his breathing treatment. Do miss the football tucked under his arm and the fleece hat he has on. He won't sleep without them right now. Being two must be so much fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 Months Old

Callie, We can't believe how fast this past month has gone by. People always say it flies by faster with the second child and I am here to say they are right. You have changed so much this past month. You are beginning to show us part of your personality and becoming more social. You started smiling when we talk to you and have even began cooing at us. We love to sit and hear you talk. Your daddy says it is the best part of his day when you smile and talk to him. I have to agree. You have grown so much. At your two month check up you weighed 10lbs. 5oz. (50th percent) and measured 24 inches (95 percent). Your doctors said you were really long (which we already knew because you are out growing some clothes in the length) and just perfect. Your eyes have totally healed and are as blue as they could be. Your beautiful complexion is back after a round of baby acne, but now you have cradle cap. Don't worry, the big bows cover most of it up! :) You have gained a lot of control of your head and love to hold it up like a big girl! You also have started to look at objects like toys on your car seat and your mobile. Some of your favorite things include looking at the black and white print on your bumper, watching your mobile go around, people talking to you, eating, bathes, and your favorite, the swing!!! Mommy is enjoying the fact that you only get up for one middle of the night feeding now and sometimes you don't get up till 6:00. Callie your daddy and mommy continue to fall more in love with you each passing day. Oh, and brother loves you so much!!! He is ready for you to "get a little bigger" so he can really play with you. Some of your mommies favorite times with you is first thing in the morning when brother is still sleeping and you just sleep on her chest. Those are precious moments that won't be here forever! Thank you for all the joy you bring to our lives! We love you! Mommy and Daddy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Photos

Here are some pictures we had taken when Callie turned a month old. I can't believe it has already been a month. I am finally getting time to post them.

Our new family of four.
Our sweet sport boy!!!

Our precious children!!!

First Smiles!

Well, Callie has been smiling for a few weeks now. It is so precious. She is now starting to coo. It is so fun to see her get a little personality and become a little more social. Here are her first smiles that we actually captured on camera.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Month Old

One Month Old!
Well, Callie it is so hard to believe that just one month ago you were still in my belly. We already feel like you have always been a part of our lives. Your daddy and I wondered how we could love another little one like we love your sweet brother, but we wonder no longer. We love you so much and you have found your own little piece of our hearts. We can't put into words the joy we had the day you were born and how much we have enjoyed having you in our
lives for the past month. Your first month was filled with lots of wonderful visitors who all showed us how much they love you already. You filled your days with lots and lots of sleep, eating and a few sweet awake moments. You have grown in the past month and have already out grown one of your little Newborn sleepers. You finally lost your embilical cord a few days before you were a month old. We were so glad to be able to give you a real bath. You loved it! You had many firsts. You went to the pool for the first time and cheered your brother on has he jumped of the diving board and swam like a fish. You also went to church and go to celebrate your great grandmothers 90 birthday. I want you to know how much your brother loves you. Every morning, the first thing he says is, "Mommy where are Callie?". He will go find you and shower you with his sweet kisses. Callie you are so loved and we can't wait to see what the rest of your life holds. We pray always for you and thank the Lord for blessing us with you! Happy One Month Old!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Several Posts

I have posted three posts today, so keep scrolling down to see them all! Hope you enjoy!

Carson's first day of school!

On Tuesday Carson started Mother's Day Out again. This year he is going on Tuesday and Thursday. He had a great first day and was so excited to be going back to school. Here are a few pictures I took of him

When I told Carson it was time to go he said "Mommy I ride my bike to school.". So, this is a picture of him riding his bike to school. His bike is his new best friend. He loves riding it all over the house.

This is a picture of Carson with his teacher, Ms. Laura at Meet the Teacher. She is wonderful and he loves her already. We couldn't ask for a better teacher.

This is Carson with his best bud Brynlee at Meet the Teacher. As you can tell, they are going to have a great time together in Mothers Day Out! What cuties!

It's Football Time!

We love football season around our house. This year Carson has really been excited about it starting! He couldn't wait till Coach's first game. At my dad's first game he surprised Carson with a team helmet. He was so excited! He wore it for the whole game and wears it around the house all the time. So cute! We had a great time at the game! Carson says he can't wait till he is in high school so he can wear real football pads. I think Mommy can wait though :)!

Carson and Coach with his new helmet!

I think it is as big as he is, but it doesn't bother him. Such a happy boy!

His two favorite things, football and suckers!

What handsome boys!!!!

This was Callie's first football game. She did great through the whole game. We were so glad to get to put our blue bow to use. Before she was born and I was making bows, Carson and I were at Hobby Lobby buying ribbon for bows. Carson picked up this blue ribbon and said "Mommy, Callie needs a blue bow.". So I couldn't resist his sweet request for his favorite color. I think she wears it well!

Hanging out with Nana. Look at those beautiful eyes! What a sweetie!