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Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Easter Bunnies

Here are a few pictures of our two little Easter bunnies! We had a great day celebrating our Saviors victory, hunting eggs and spending time with family.

Callie with Coach and Nana. P.S. Thank you to all of you who are praying for my dad. He is currently taking his chemo treatments and we are praying his cancer will go into remission. Once it is in remission he will be able to begin his experimental cancer treatment. We are excited about the possibilities it will hold. Please continue to pray for him.
We went to my grandmothers house for lunch. Every time Carson goes over to her house, he always wants to climb in her tree. She has an awesome climbing tree in her front yard.
My mom (Nana) with Carson & Callie.

My sweet boy! Can't believe he will soon be 3!

Here is a picture of Callie's cheesy smile. She has started smiling like this now that she has two bottom teeth. I think it feels good on her gums. So cute!

Our two sweet Easter Bunnies!!! What joy they bring to our hearts! Thank you Lord for these blessings.


Eric and Steph said...

What precious pictures. Your dad is in my prayers! He is a fighter and has such a servant's heart.

I can't believe how much Callie looks like Carson! You might not think so, but I see it.

I used to not think H and H looked alike but they are starting to look more and more alike too.

mattandshell said...

I love those precious Easter bunnies! We are praying for your dad. The picutures of your family are so beautiful, you're a great photographer.

Karri Leavenworth said...

So Cute!!

jaime mcnab said...

Sweet Precious Babies! Always praying for your daddy! Love you and your family so much!

Amy Mc said...
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Amy Mc said...

Ok, so I wrote something confusing on my last post so I deleted it. I thought I could just fix it, but no, it looks all official "comment deleted" Sorry!
What I said was...your kids are both so cute but that Callie is absolutely precious! She reminds me so much of Brinley- the cheesy smile, puffy hair, the bow, and their coloring. I need to see them now! And thanks for the update on your Daddy-O. I know God has great plans for him. Love you!