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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Shoes

We have decided to sign Carson up for T-ball this year. We debated it for awhile because he is going through a very disobedient stage, but we decided to go ahead and see how it goes. Carson has been wanting a pair of baseball shoes for a long time. He wants a pair just like his daddy (I love that about him). So, we decided we would take him to get a pair of his very own baseball shoes. He was so excited to go get them. Once he picked them out, he had to put them right on his feet and I can honestly say they didn't come off for a whole day. Well actually I took them off once he was asleep and he woke up, so I told him he could sleep with him. I love how passionate he is about things! I must warn you about the pictures below, Carson is in his underwear. He insists on only wearing underwear when he is home. Sorry! :)

Running with them. "Mommy look, they make me run super fast!"

Watching T.V. with his shoes!
He has slept with his shoes for every nap and bedtime since we got them. I just love this Boy!!!


Lindsey said...

so precious! carson is adorable. avery is going through the same no clothes phase too. she never wants to wear pants and sunday night we picked her up from the church nursery and the teacher had let her take off her skirt just because she didn't want it on!! i was so embarassed.

allison said...

I am glad to know my child is not the only one who needs to take her clothes off. Carson is precious! Love the shoes!

BeausMom said...

I love his shoes. And I love that he wants to be just like Daddy. Beau is like that and it is very sweet! Sorry about the disobedient stage. We go in and out of that same stage. "This, too, shall pass..."

Leah said...

that "stage" will come and go. its been coming more in our house lately but i have prayed and prayed. the shoes are too cute. we had to get soccer shoes for soccer camp and he didn't want to take them off either. must be a boy thing. too cute!

Amy Mc said...

Oh my gosh, I love that Carson only wants to wear his skivvies at home! I am seriously cracking up at that picture- priceless!